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Guest post: Moses Dylan Hunter

I thought it would be a great idea if I did those cool guest posts. So you can meet other amazing bloggers. So readers, meet Moses. 

Hello World,

My name is Moses Dylan Hunter. I live in Colorado, in the United States. I have been here my whole life. And even though I have dreams of leaving someday {soon}, I honestly dont know what life has in store for me. Often, more frequently now recently, life has a way of surprising me with unexpected twists and turns. During high school, I thought I had life figured out. I knew everything I wanted to do, down to a T. Then life hit, I became an adult and now here I am, a freshman at the University of Colorado - Boulder. Its a great place, and Im happy to be here.

This is where I live.

Boulder, Colorado is amazing. Colorado is amazing. But sometimes, living in the same place your entire life, you can feel trapped. Especially in a nation as big as the United States, or a world as big as this, I constantly feel an overwhelming desire to get out and travel. 

I study Creative Writing and Theater here. I was a film major, but I decided it wasnt for me. I got involved with improv in my first semester here, and it changed my life {another one of lifes surprises}. What I want to do with my life still hasnt changed, I still want to entertain people. But my plans for how Ill do that are always changing.

Ive always wanted to be on Saturday Night Live, a sketch comedy television series filmed every Saturday night in New York City. Now its my dream job. To be a writer and an actor on that show would be the culmination of my life.

Sometimes, I get lost in thought and worry about the future and life. Life is fragile, but I believe if we strive for happiness and live with love, everything will be alright.

I got into blogging my senior year of high school, when my best friend challenged me to write a documentation of my life. I thought Id get creative and make it a blog. When that failed, I gave up on blogging, until three months ago November 2013, I decided I needed something to keep my life in order. College was taking control of my life, and I hoped blogging would help me to regain some of that control. Im proud to say that this time around, my blogging endeavors have not been a failure, and I am {SO} proud of my blog. Its a nice home to my thoughts, and I couldnt love it more.

If you want to keep more in touch with my life, visit my blog here. Make sure to check my contact page to follow my various other accounts {My tumblr is also amazing}. And if you want to do any guest posting or sponsoring {free, of course!} let me know.

Much love,

Moses D. Hunter


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