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Our first reaction when we are in a position to forgive someone is to say: ''Hell to the no! I'm forgiving shit! I was hurt! You don't deserve to be forgiven! F off!''.. or something related, right?

This reaction is human, predictable and actually understandable. BUT .. it leads to nowhere. It will cause you stress, pain, anger, agitation, anxiety, worry, distress, anguish. You will become BITTER. No one likes a bitter human being. You should never allow people to turn your honey to vinegar. NEVER.

Yes, you probably do have a valid reason to be mad, but that doesn't mean that it's justified to stay mad.


The anger you feel and amount of time that you stay angry is harming only one person, YOU.

YOU are hurting.
YOU are feeling stressed.
YOU are crying.

That person isn't hurting. That person isn't even thinking about you. Stop wasting your time. Your anger will change nothing. The best quote I ever read about anger is: “Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

You can't change what happened, you only have the power to decide how will you react to it and how much of your life will you throw away because of it.

It's hard to forgive because we don't understand why was that particular thing done to us. Or we didn't get that closure. Newsflash: you will never get closure, closure doesn't exist. You just have to grow, recognize all the lessons you have to learn through this and close that chapter.
Forgiveness is for YOU to be FREE.

It's not just other people we need to forgive. A lot of times we need to forgive ourselves. We need to forgive the mistakes that we made, the times when we didn't do our best. Maybe we didn't know how to do better. Maybe we weren't experienced enough. Maybe we didn't have the needed emotional capacity.

Life is about learning, admitting our mistakes, apologizing and doing better. You can move on and truly live when you forgive yourself and others. Nothing is holding you back at that point.
Forgiveness will release so much heartache. You will be able to breathe and feel the peace. ''Make peace with your broken pieces.''

And since I believe in Buddhism I must add that forgiveness is good karma. Life will reward you for it.



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