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Don't limit yourself

Self-limitation is, in my opinion, the BIGGEST mistake and self-harming action the majority of people does EVERY DAY and EVERY HOUR. 

Isn't this sad and concerning?

How many times have you said to yourself these words?:

  • Nobody likes me.
  • I am too old.
  • I will never get there.
  • I am not lovable.
  • I am stupid.
  • I am not beautiful/handsome enough.
  • I am behind.
  • I am not capable of.
  • I am not good enough.
  • I am not worthy of.
  • I am disappointing everyone. 
  • I will never be successful.

I said a whole bunch of hurtful things to myself. When I put myself in the mind of the old me, I feel EXHAUSTED. I can't believe how CRUEL I was to myself. And for what? Why? What did I do to deserve this kind of pain? 


I did it because, sadly, a lot of us are kind of ''programmed'' to be self-deprecating.
Another reason: childhood. When you are born you are basically a brand new, fresh person. You know nothing. But you feel a lot. And every emotion that you feel is a brand new feeling, this is why it's so strong. You will forever remember how it felt when something in your childhood hurt you. Or when you felt happy, safe, loved. 

And also, when you are so inexperienced you think, that the whole world revolves around you and when people around you don't act like it does, it hurts you to the core of your soul. Or maybe you grew up in a family where you weren't emotionally supported, loved, heard, seen. 

Maybe someone said you aren't good enough. And you believed it. First of all, this kind of negative hurtful words have NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. They have everything to do with that person. They are self-loathing and because of that, they aren't capable of being supportive, loving, kind, gentle, positive and they are lashing out. You can't change them, the only thing you can do is to remove yourself from this kind of negative situation and lead by example. 

Not being able of accepting that you did a mistake can also cause self-hate. This was my biggest problem. I now know that the only way to become good at something is by making mistakes. Every time I make a mistake I'm happy because I know, that I was courageous enough to try, I know that I'm one mistake closer to my goal. 

Or you compare yourself with EVERYONE on Instagram, facebook, in a fashion magazine... (Which is insanity. You are the only one that thinks, looks, do things like you do. Embrace it!)

All this can make you feel unworthy of being loved, incapable of being good in school, at work, being successful. You believing this was the only way to survive. You adapted, you started believing it. It became a HABIT

I became a really reasonable person and when I think about this, that so many people (including my past self) don't live their best lives and are throwing their life away because of a HABIT (!!), I don't know whether to cry or throw a chair through the window. 

When you think for example that you're not smart enough, you don't study for your exam, because you believe that you will fail anyway. And then you DO FAIL. But not because you are stupid, but because you didn't study!! But this failure ''proves'' to you, that you are stupid. And the bad cycle continues. The same goes for everything. You think you're not beautiful and you stuff your face with cake, burgers and ice cream and then you get pimples, you gain weight... 

Life is what YOU make of it. It's the result or sum of YOUR CHOICES

Take a little bit of time and just think about every time you doubted yourself and when you limited yourself. Be conscious about it when you do it the next time and NIP IT IN THE BUTT!! STOP IT! How different would your life be if you wouldn't limit yourself? 


But you just have to work on everything that you need to do to become successful, fit, good at some particular thing, to become a fun, lovely, kind, warm person to be around.

This kind of living is so rewarding, it feels so good. 



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  1. I tell myself every morning I wake up that I love myself. I try to go my days without thinking these negative phrases. But we are humans and we do get them thoughts but we have to keep moving and stay postitive!


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