petek, 20. julij 2018


I really cherish and appreciate the friendship of two people in my life.

(Actually, now that I'm reading this again the next day I must correct myself: there are more people that I really appreciate for being there for me in different kind of situations.)

These two show me that's it's actually possible to have a deep meaningful friendship in THIS world. To not just call something a friendship because it's named this way. 

Sharing all emotions.. pain, anger and laughter. Sharing secrets. Going through life together... through different phases of life. Through challenges, breakups, life crisis. Through Summer nights on the bench with an ice cream in one hand. Through night car rides with radio music blasting out loud and singing along. 

Doing the simple things that don't cost much but offer the greatest feeling in the world: the feeling of being connected to someone

I can't half ass a friendship. 
We are connecting fully or we're not even gonna go there. 

This is how we, the introverts do friendships. In really small doses but oh my are these doses precious.

''I follow where my mind goes.''


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  1. Odgovori
    1. It's really peaceful there, I loved it =). It's on the mountain of Dobrča, 1634 m high in Slovenia.

  2. wow nice place. Where is it ? i would like to do some photography

    1. Oh this place is perfect for taking some photos or having a picnic in the grass =). It's on the mountain of Dobrča in Slovenia.


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